The planet’s greatest aBass Solist Edgar Meyer

My brother and I transcribed this down to the last detail. It is difficult on the bass and the tuning is orch tuning low C extended with capo stops and then solo stringed BEA. My little mistress is tuned such at the moment.


No one

Dear unfans

Here begins a blog to no one but me, since no one has time for anything beyond the scope of their own issues and goals. And we’re all flooded with media. 

Alternatively I might push the envelope eventually. At mid life, my experiences could be useful to another but since I am skeptical anyone cares, I will gradually write here to an empty audience like when the currency in Brazil dipped so low in 1993 that our Beethoven 6 was performed to a mere dozen.

Pathetic, oh no.


8 Things To Do On A Long Flight – you can flyyy you can flyyy you can flyyyyyyyyy ˆˆ

My #11. Wish to be less than 191cm or in business or first class. Some chance to sleep and often better movie options and always better food that is so tempting the idea of sleeping becomes difficult. Hence back to the movies.

Penny Lunasun

Hi peeps!

As it is summer, I figure many of you may be going to exciting new places, travelling the world, visiting relatives, hangin’ at the beach, all of those fab things.

And of course, in order to achieve this fun (*insert salsa dance emoji here*) it is often necessary to fly.

alas, not like this #crushingdreams

This can be – entirely apart from the whole airport experience – quite a grueling process (although, the feeling of imminent death at take-off and landing do provide rather thrilling adrenaline rushes). Of course, as long as you’re not afraid of flying – I won’t add in any statistics here because I’m not sure if they’d be helpful or not – you can always just watch a dulling stream of, yknow, four, five, six movies and be done with it.

no judgement – also, fun fact: Whenever I’m on a plane, I…

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